As we have previously said, that today in our society, there is no common ideology.This is true for officially declared ideology of civil, democratic and law-based society. However in practice the ideology exists. And it controls the society rigidly and unequivocally. This is a practical ideology, which is being kept silently by those, who rule us.

This is the well-known to the specialists’ a comprador ideology. It is focused on the implementation on the territory of their country, not the national but of the foreign interests. It is been taken in service by those, who came to governance in life-changing moments of the history of their States, pursuing only their own pragmatic goals. These "elites" are using the situation of chaos and uncertainty for unlimited personal enrichment by the uncontrolled looting of the country. They always are leading their States to the death as follows:

Primary "dark"  accumulation of capital – with its help ascension to the authority – creating of the powerful "clans" – with help of organized and overbearing-criminal groups – multiple multiplication of the capital due to grabbing and selling of everything of what you can "reach out" – plunder and the collapse of the "host country" –  escape from the responsibility before the law and people, with the help of parliamentary immunity, with the help of managed political and economic chaos – a betrayal of the interests of his country and people – sale of this ruined country to the external customers and producers of this regime – cleanup the territory from the population.

Our nation's 'elite' acts before our eyes exactly in this way:

  • steals and sells everything it can;
  • deliberately deceiving the people and manipulates his confidence as it can;
  • declares that it has religiousworldview and democratic ideology;
  • but in fact professes only one thing – his own enrichment at any cost;
  • is building a business on thetheft of national resources, property and finance;
  • hides itself from liability, manipulating laws and judicial system;
  • does not want to and cannot work creatively and honestly, to earn money;
  • coats the pitiable results with the external loans and enslaves the country;
  • creates parties – the commercial organizations for domineering protection of themselves and business;
  • usurps the authority, stealing it from the people, using the cancellation of open majority elections;
  • transforming elections into the political show, depriving us of a real choice;
  • uses administrative resources and finances, it steals and garbles the votes;
  • creates projects and the programs, which are not assume the serious changes;
  • gives populist proposals and promises, intimidates and bribes an ...
  • it neutralizes and eliminates possible competitors, down to their murder; is only interested in prolongation of the existence of present system;
  • with the external changes creates visibility of updating , without affecting of its core; holds the authority at any cost and methods, with any lie and crimes;
  • sells the country, puts us in slavery for money and for deliverance of punishment;
  • A bright example (the Ukraine): before the “orange's” have came to the authority, they have zealously position Kuchma as a gangster, but they have completely forgotten about it and they '"forgave" him, as soon as with his silent assistance, they received the authority.

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