• World is dual; always and everywhere, there are two opposite poles: Good and Evil, Black and  White, Day and Night, summer and winter, Spirit and Matter, etc.
  • Each part of the world, its each point, is composed of Spirit-Matter;
  • There is no one pole without another: no separate Spirit, as there is no separate Matter; the difference is in the concentration of the Spirit or Matter in different parts of the World;
  • Approximation to a Pole of Spirit gives the maximum concentration of the Spirit; the approximation to a pole of the Matter gives the maximal concentration of the Matter;
  • 100% concentration of the Spirit means, getting out of the manifestations and the transition into a latent state;
  • 100% concentration of a Matter means, getting out of the manifestations and the transition into a state of essence of materiality;
  • Spirit-Matter is in a constant cyclical, evolutionary movement;
  • Each cycle consists out of the following:

a) lowering of the Spirit into a Matter for:
─ objectification of an ideal, giving to it the material form;
─ awareness of the ideal plan;
─ the maximal approximation of the form to the ideal plan;
─ spiritualization of a matter in the process of development of the form;
─ transition of a matter to a higher qualitative level;

b) exit from incarnation to:
─ analysis of the objectification, which has passed  through the lowering;
─ addition of the corrections to the perfect plan of evolution;
─ definition of the  tasks and goals for the next incarnation, through the following lowering  into a matter;
─ preparation of the program for the organization and transformation from the substantiality  into an essence of materiality of appropriate quality;

  • The existence of each pole activates the opposite;
  • The maximal concentration of the Spirit slows down the action, but concentrates the content; the maximal concentration of a Matter is dynamic and explosive, but the form is empty, therefore the Good is more passive than the Evil;
  • The spirit is inclined to the analysis, the Matter to action, their joint development leads to systemic evolution;
  • On the ascending stream of development, which is Evolution, had been initially established the direction to the Spirit, while improving the quality of a Matter; priorities of a Matter means Involution;
  • The quality of the Matter is defined by frequency of its vibrations; increase of frequency corresponds to the spiritualizing of a Matter;
  • Evolution of the World is a closed cycle of descent of the Spirit into a Matter and ascension of the spiritualized Matter to the Source;
  • This Cycle defines also the evolutionary sense and a task of all processes of the World.

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