• The world is transforming constantly;
  • It is uniform process of life of the World; it is character of its Life;
  • Transformation is the directed development;
  • The creative development, full of meaning, is Evolution;
  • Evolution is a process and a way to implement the idea of the Creator of the World;
  • The development consists in the creation by the Creator of the form of the World and its spiritualization.
  • The world consists of many individual forms, constituting a coherent whole;
  • Each of the forms has its own life, its own evolution and direction of development;
  • Each form is the cumulative result of many events and processes;     
  • Occurrence of each form is an act of realization of the development process;
  • The life of each form is a component of a uniform Life of all World;
  • Each form is a local Point of Realization of uniform Evolution of the World;   
  • The Conciliar Evolution of the World is realized through a summation of the points of realization;
  • The diversity of individual processes of evolution, occurring at each point, composes a cumulative process of the realization of evolution of the world.

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