• The awakened Spirit, robed in a matter, begins to ascend to the Source;
  • Then begins the process of integration of disparate individual parts into a coherent whole;
  • Evolutionary processes of disunity and individualization are replaced by the processes of multiplication, unification, mergers and integration;
  • Three evolutionary programs – earthly, celestial and human – merge into a single integrated program of the Ascension;
  • Three evolutionary streams form a single integral Ascending Stream;
  • A new type of evolution is being formed – the integral Trinity;
  • The new direction of development of the World is shaped – the Ascending Evolution;
  • The form starts to realize the evolutionary Program of the Ascension;
  • The form starts to realize its place in the Universe and its role in the evolution of the world;
  • each form becomes a point of Creation – the conscious realization of the ascending evolution, consciously creating a reality – sets in order and improve itself, the Life around it and the whole world;
  • The individual evolution of the form becomes a basis of Evolution of the World;
  • The individual life of the form becomes a basis of the Life of the World;
  • The form, creating itself and its own life, becomes the Creator of life and evolution;
  • Having realized it and consciously having started its own path of Ascension, the form itself becomes the Source and the Creator of evolutionary stage of the Ascension;
  • The form, awakened, with self-awareness and the perception of the world, becomes the co-creator of Universe and co-creator of the Creator of the World, when it creatively forms.
  • The form acquires integrity, maturity and independence;
  • The Creator directly starts to support a life and development of an each renewed form;
  • The life of the World receives an opportunity of continuation in the general integral Ascension!

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