I No matter how good the ideology is, it will not work, if it is not based on the Laws of Creation, if its provisions are not consistent with the mechanism, by which the world works. The first cornerstone of the world is the existence of duality, the two poles of united Spirit-Matter.

There is no separate Spirit from Matter, nor is there a separate Matter without the Spirit. The question is: what is the concentration of the Spirit or of the Matter in a single point in space.

Further it is necessary to recognize what is initially in this world. According to the Energetical Physiology of the Human, the spirit is primary, and the matter is secondary. Therefore, a basis for the New Ideology should be a postulate "Consciousness determines the being", not vice versa.

Until now, the existence had defined the consciousness.. It has led to that, that the initially existing vertical polarity of the World with a possibility of evolution in a vertical (qualitative) plane has been replaced with horizontal opposition in the Matter.

The pole of the Spirit has been replaced with other material pole of the golden calf. Instead of aspiration to the Spiritual heights from the material Harmony, the person was plunged in the physical confrontation between wealth and poverty. Progressive qualitative movement and development did not occur. Evolution had fall into the systemic loop trap.

To get out of this system misconception, people have to change the priorities of their existence on the planet Earth.

The Consciousness determines the Being.

II Next, we shall start from this point - for which purpose a human was born in this world? According to the Energetical Physiology of the Human, each person comes into this world to gain experience in the existence in matter, in order to solve the financial problems in the spiritual manner. This corresponds to a constant and continuous formation of the "image of” I am ', which is the continuing education of the man. This means that life itself, for each person, is its most important, necessary and responsible work. Based on this, follows the two following postulates of a New Ideology. 

2.1 If the "life itself is the most important work of the person”, the person should not be distracted from it on earning money to support itself and the family. This maintenance of each person with all necessary to him in sufficient quantities is a function of the social institution, within which the person was born on the planet. In our present case, such social institution is the State. So,

The state is obliged to provide each person with all necessary to him, in sufficient quantities, from the moment of birth, until the reverse transition, which we call death.

2.2 If every man is born for continuing education, then consumer society, in which people live today, has to be converted into a society of education. Execution by the State of its direct obligations on the previous paragraph, gives the possibility of such a Transition.

It will be absolutely insufficiently if the State would only provide each citizen with everything needed in sufficient quantity to him, because the State must also deal with the following problem.

Each person, who has born in this world, has individual objectives and goals of its embodiment. It is very important to find out these goals and objectives in time, to correct according to them the current incarnation and to realize them as much as possible. Therefore, into the objectives of each State are included - the ensuring of such conditions for each person; ensuring that the individual goals and objectives have been met.

III Any ideology should also describe the way a person has to live on the planet.  In this understanding we shall put a following corner stone in the form of the Healthy Way of life.

From a scientific point of view and for a basis we have chosen a science of the Energetical Physiology of the Human, ─ every human life begins in this world since the beginning of the planning of his parents of their desire to have a child.  It begins with this first thought, and continues up to the moment when the person finishes its current stage of existence in matter.

In this case, the main task of each parent - to adapt their child to life in this dense world. Parents should help the child to adapt so, that he shall independently and responsibly begin to execute his individual objectives of the incarnation and was ready when his time will come, in the same way take care of his children.

The healthy way of life excludes the use of nicotine, alcohol, drugs, provides an informational and mental security of each person.

The objectives of the Healthy Lifestyle include rehabilitation of health of the planet as a whole, thanks to the fact that, with each new generation on the Earth the children must be born healthier, than the previous generation. This is the natural mechanism of purification and healing of the planet.

IV Finally, the last cornerstone of the new ideology we will issue in order to answer the question of how people can and should reach an updated planetary status and build socio-economic formation of a new type.

It is necessary to remember constantly, that any variations begin inside. When their concentration reaches sufficient size, they are directing outward, creating waves, which are overflow the surrounding space.

This is one of the Laws of the Creation, otherwise evolution does not occur. Therefore,

An indispensable condition of the New Ideology is constant and continuous aspiration of every man to himself, to change himself, to its internal development.

This will open his genetic memory; will allow to remember the sacred higher knowledge about the structure of the world, which are encrypted in every cell of his body.

This will provide an opportunity to remember him of his generic assignment, roots and traditions of his Kind. This will restore the real Chronicle of Russian field and the world as a whole; will restore the base of the development of subsequent generations of Aryans-Russes.

Russian field is a separate civilization-culture, and it cannot be mixed with any other cultural base. Moreover, the Russian field it is the progenitor of the entire Western Indo-European cultural field. Aryans and Russians are the progenitors of the entire Indo-European modern civilization on a planet Earth. Therefore restoration of Russian traditions, Russian Kinds, Chronicles of Russian field - is the main task to save civilization on the planet Earth as a whole.

Proceeding from the formed New Ideology, is necessary to determine the national idea for the entire Russian field, the primary target and tool, which is needed to build the future.

National idea of Russian field: Revival of the Spirituality. Once more: Revival of the Spirituality! And once more: Revival of the Spirituality! Today, there is no other and cannot be!

The main task.

To move from consumer society to a society of education!

The main tool for building a strong and robust society of the future is following:

From well-being of each person to the healthy, strong and the solid nation-state! When each specific person will strongly stand on this ground, when it will have a healthy and strong family, when it will be self-assured, only then, and not for a moment earlier, the Russians will have strong, healthy and solid nation-State!

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