• Currently, the consciousness of human is developed enough;
  • It has reached the self-conscious level;
  • The person is capable to realize evolutionary essence of an event;
  • It is able to understand the laws and logic of evolution;
  • It is able to understand the essence of the previous stage and the prospect of forthcoming;
  • It is able to understand the evolutionary essence of Life of the World and the meaning of his life on Earth;
  • It is able to understand that the time has come for the evolutionary selection of the Path;
  • The question is, whether the person is able to consciously choose further way?
  • Currently, the Person does not possess the consciousness and the world-awareness;
  • so far, the determinative role in him is played by his instinctive terrestrial nature;
  • so far, his consciousness is too immersed in the matter;
  • so far, his actions are wearing consumer and destructive character;
  • so far, having knowledge, he has no understanding of what is happening and he is ruining oneself;
  • so far, the Person has not understood, that the time has come to choose  the further Way;
  • so far, the Person has not understood, that his future now, depends entirely on him and only on himself; from each specific person of the Earth.

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