• The essence of Evolution before the era of the Fish was "the descent of the Spirit into Matter";
  • For the Creator of the World was necessary to receive experience of a life in a matter;
  • Therefore, the Universe and the Earth with its inhabitants, led by the Human, were arising;
  • Namely, it is the person, who is the highest creation of terrestrial evolution;
  • Namely, it is the person, who is the highest earthly incarnation of the Creator;
  • Therefore, it is the person, who was the most involved in the descending development;
  • His evolutionary task was to implement the process of life on Earth, plunging into her deeper and deeper, and becoming more "material";
  • Such an "immersion" has reduced to a minimum the presence of the Spirit in Man;
  • The terrestrial nature had progressively taken the possession of a person;
  • More and more the man followed the animal instincts in his life;
  • The human society began to get the features, corresponding with the animal nature: struggle for saturation, a survival, possession, domination …

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