Jesus said that it is not possible to pour new wine into old bottles. But above all, this is not inexpedient. Therefore, it must be clear that those, who is focused on the old stereotypes of behavior, priorities in life and way of thinking, will be not worthy of a new space. They simply will not fit into the new framework, and energy characteristics, which now begin to manifest in the material world.

Thus, the physical mechanics of the process will have been brought to the automatism: the main criteria for compliance with the new space will be resonance with the new vibrations and their frequencies. Those, who will not resonate with the new conditions of life, simply will be not able to stay physically in the incarnation. This means that other, New Consciousness, should become a basis of a new civilization, because a consciousness is primary, and it determines the ability of a material substance to live in specific conditions of a dimension of space.

It all starts with consciousness of the separate cells. In terms of a human civilization these are the people themselves. Each person separately is a primary atom of a Consciousness of a Mankind; therefore individual striving for change and the evolution, both individual and for the system, is a priority sign of a belonging of a human to the whole process of the Planetary Transition.

"It is necessary to begin with changing of yourself", – in those appearing conditions this familiar to all of you phrase, acquires absolutely material and clear, precise meaning.

The following level of the organization of a human civilization is a Public Consciousness. There is no place for the humanity in the next dimension, and in the new space, without his changes. Public consciousness of a civilization today is focused on the cult of force, fraud, enrichment and self-centeredness. Everything in this world can be bought and sold. Morality and Rectitude, Honour and Dignity, Love and Fidelity are out of fashion.

However, if they will not have become once again the priorities of a human existence in the world, the path of the humanity, as a civilization, will come to the end. There is no time left to consider the possibilities of a transformation of your society into Civilization of the Education. Only explosion of Consciousness, powerful, furious, which breaks open everything in its path, passionate, transformative and healing, crushing all your previous priorities, and constitutive others, new, will lead you to Clarification and to Creation. Only dramatic and radical changes in your consciousness will confirm the compliance of humanity to the current planetary transformation.

The humanity can survive so, through the instant transformation of a public consciousness of all of mankind.

Energies of a New Planetary Consciousness have already entered into the aura of a planet Earth. But without filling the Civilization, all Mankind, with the material Consciousness, they will not manifest, shall be unclaimed and unspent. Only rejuvenated Humanity is able to give the whole world the opportunity to go to the next level of a planetary evolution.

Whether the planet will go on the next coil of a spiral of evolution or the coming stage will appear as repeated circle – will show the begun examination of the Day of Judgment. And it is more necessary for the people themselves: the omitted possibility for them is more catastrophic, than for a planetary life. Therefore the value of this 1000-year long exam, which is already begun, increases many times. Therefore we should make efforts up to the end to support this process.

Do not forget that "The End – crowns the work"! New Consciousness: individual – public – humanity – planetary – that is the desired result of all our work.



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