The civilization lives in conditions of the Golden Age when Laws of Creation dominate in it. Then is everything in harmony, in synchronicity, everything is interconnected at all levels and in all vectors of space and energy.  But, as soon as these main Laws, on which the environment of your Habitat is established, the space where you are, will be violated, – there begins discrepancy, infringements of interrelations, dissonance in the frequency ranges. Once the civilization (not necessarily human or humanoid) starts to live by their own laws, further and further away from the Laws of Creation, disharmony and chaos take roots in it. Golden Age slowly and gradually, but steadily flows into hell.

Your modern laws – are the fruit of the sick minds, which are dealing with the wrong business. From here: war, poverty, hunger, destruction in lives and in their heads, the inability to change the direction of development of civilization. You breed the laws every day in huge numbers, but all this work deviate you farther and farther from the truth of creation. Lawmaking process works on itself, and people have become hostages of the creativity of the lower mind. The Civilization has reached an impasse, and finds no way out of it, and all configurations of the construction of your world cannot change it, because they are based on the same basis. The suffering and pain have become the main features of your life.

But this is a sign of your life; it's your pain and suffering, and those who are connected with you, who are compelled to live near to you, obeying to your artificial laws. Even your pain and suffering exist and develop according to the laws of creation. You have to understand only one thing – you just have to change the base of your existence on the planet:  from existence of each separate person till a life of a civilization as a whole, – and it will change your whole life. As soon as basis of your conscious (social) existence will be based on the Laws of creation, the space around you will change…

We are giving the New Paradigm of the existence of the civilization on the planet Earth, and this is the result of laborious sedimentation of the energy of Creation in a material world, its materialization, through testing in different parts of the world by different people at different times. Certain advanced Earthlings have realized for a long time ago, that they are moving on the destructive path. At different times and in different parts of the world, they have crystallized the general idea, and we have collected the crumbs of your enlightenment, and, when they have reached acceptable values of veracity and were reunited into a united database, we have returned them to you.

We are giving you a New Paradigm of the existence of the civilization on the planet Earth, and we can safely say that, she is the Creation of earthlings and the strategy of their evolutionary path for the next 1000 years. Such time is necessary to complete the transition to the Golden Age of the New Humanity. And now, on each of you depends, how you will deal with this knowledge, based on the laws of creation: along with the Energetical Physiology of a Human, with the new mechanism for human evolution, which will replace the Darwin's theory of evolution, with the Theory of Passionarity and with mechanisms of hierarchical systemic management of a planetary life, – they are capable to lead a civilization through a narrow throat of Planetary transition.

We expect that every person, every inhabitant of the Earth, which will detect the resonance to this new space, will respond to it, and will purposefully follow after the automatically inceptive physiological transformations of his organism. We are counting on, that he will be not only waiting for the change of his live for the better, but consciously will begin and will continue persistent self-improvement, work for his environment, for his individual space, which he will form,  will develop and will support. We expect that, in this strategy, "sharpened" for the revival of the spiritual world, including through the resurgence of spirituality of the Russian field – each person, which is resonating with it, will see his individual goals, objectives and instruments of action.

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