What is happening today on the Earth? – Today, on a planet, takes place the Aryan Circle of Evolution of the Creator. This means that the Aryans were, are, and should be the leading people on the planet.

The cradle of the  Aryans – it is Hyperborea of the Russian North, it is, first of all, Rus, ancient Russians, Russians. And today they are being destroyed physically by all of the other peoples of the world, literally, because these, who is quietly watching and doing nothing, are helpers of those who destroy...

All this means that human civilization has gone against God, the Creator, rejecting his plan of evolution. This is worse than descension: He has guided his world, but these are destroying the world of the God. On what they hope?  That they can win from God? But this whole world is God Himself, the Creator, His physical body. How can they beat Him?

Or, they think that all this will pass unpunished? That the Creator of this world will allow them to destroy himself? He's not self-destroyer, not a pervert; this is not the human psyche...

What do you expect? Who else will save you if you deliberately destroying Him?

It is necessary to understand, finally, that the Russians and their offspring – this is your last hope for salvation...

What is necessary to make today on the Earth?

We need a new public Moral (and Public opinion), and they need to form a new ethical life of the humanity. What should it be? Such as, it was set originally. It must be based on behavioral stereotypes, which were laid down from olden times in the Russian worldview. And this means that the role and importance of the Russian field are increasing today repeatedly. Therefore, the New Morality and new Ethical Life must be formed on this basis.

Today, civilization has come to a deadlock, and the moral of the pseudo-elite of the world is a tool of the destruction of Mankind. It should be rejected completely, without a trace. And in its place should germinate the Morality of Creation, that is, the moral of Russian field, based on the moral basis of the thousand-year chronicle of the Rus.

Therefore it is necessary to revive: spirituality, the correct sequence of events in the Chronicle, which was replaced by today's history. Therefore, the work on the establishment of a new morality and the new ethical life should be carried out in all Corners of the planet Earth, and solely on the basis of Russian field's stereotypes.

Therefore the methods of the revival of the lost should be directed, in the first place, to the revival of the Russian field, the Russian people, its spirituality and stereotypes of behavior, the protection of the human rights and freedom of the Russians in the Russian field and in the world as a whole.

Today, on Earth, there is an extreme situation – before cataclysm, before flood. Therefore, the methods of the revival of the lost must be rigid, without compromise, dramatic and unambiguous. The same should be the New Morality and the new ethic life of the Russian field and the world as a whole.

We are giving a basis of morality and ethical life for Russian field, and this is as a natural result, because the whole world is waiting for, when from the Russian field will shine a new dawn of a new civilization. We will begin from the Russian field. Let the others join in, in the measure of their aspiration to change their lives for the better.

The foundations of the new morality and ethical life:

  1. Devotion to the spiritual ideals and patrimonial traditions of the Aryan Russian Slavic culture, to the glorious chronicles past, commitment to a New Paradigm of existence on the planet.
  2. The revival of spirituality of the people, a collective idea of the State, of the countries of Russian field.
  3. The careful attitude to the native nature, to the ecology of an environment, to renewal of natural resources.
  4. Everyone's concern about the preservation of public property and the multiplication of the public domain.
  5. High awareness of a public duty; intolerance to infringements of public interests; and moral of a new society.
  6. Honesty and truthfulness, moral purity, simplicity and modesty in public and private life.
  7. Honest and diligent work: you can get to know the man by the fruits of his labor.
  8. Uncompromising attitude to injustice, parasitism, dishonesty, envy, careerism, money-grubbing, theft, corruption and bribery.
  9. Aspiration to the primordial truth of life, to the purity of a heart, to a healthy lifestyle.
  10. The transition from a society of unbridled consumption to a society of education: collegiality of the civil society – in the development and education of the individual characteristics of each of its citizens.
  11. Aspiration to cognition of the world and its Laws, its place in the world, to self-knowledge, self-improvement and self-realization.
  12. Collectivism, civilian support and friendly mutual assistance: each for all and all for one.
  13. Humane relations and mutual respect between people: man is the man friend, comrade and the brother, don't do to others, what you wouldn't want that was done to you.
  14. The free expression of the will of the citizen is the basis of his personal freedom, – leniency and tolerance in human relations: everyone is entitled to their opinion; everyone has the right to his mistake.
  15. Mutual support in the new civil society and in the family: respect for parents and elders, caring for the birth and upbringing of healthy children.
  16. Unity of the people: friendship and brotherhood, intolerance to the ethnic, linguistic and racial distaste, is founded on the maintenance of individual freedom and respect for national self-identification.
  17. Aspiration to the peace-creation: harmony in the hearts and the relations between citizens – the basis of harmonious civil State.
  18. Honest and open relationship between the brotherly Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian people: a unity of Russian Slavonic field, based on a priority of its stereotypes, – the evolutionary Path of the development.
  19. Brotherly solidarity with the peoples of all countries, who share the spiritual ideals, priorities and stereotypes of behavior of the New Paradigm of the World: a planet Earth – the uniform house of all mankind.
  20. Intolerance to the man-hateful, to the man-destroying, pro-fascist, totalitarian and aggressive ideologies; to the religious and sectarian separation of the people; to the opponents of the spiritual and brotherly ideology of the New World.
  21. Protection of the AryanRussian Slavonic field – the cradle of the world – the sacred duty of every human being.
  22. Creation of the future for the children and grandchildren by their hands: Blessed are the Co-creators!

Proceeding from this, the qualitative reference points of the New Space are being line up; and the vices, which have no place in it, can be determine.

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