Today simultaneously deployed the three levels of crisis:


The crisis of the entire Russian field is the logical outcome of continuous annihilation of Russian People, realized by the "elite" of the world with the assistance and by hands of the national traitors. It is expressed in each Russian State in its own way and consists of:

The Ukrainian national – is a natural result of the movement of Ukraine towards “nation-building”,  directed on its plunder, demolition and division, destruction of the national industry, a dollar enslavement, discrediting of the state institutions, the collapse of the army, education, health, law enforcement, etc.;

The Russian national – is a natural result of preparations to division of Russia on several states for their eventual privatization by the 'elite' of the world through national oligarchs;

The Belarusian national – is a natural result of the obsolescence of Soviet priorities in conditions of restriction of their progress, because of destruction of the Soviet system, and absence of a possibility of creation of full-scale priorities of the developed society, because all existing models are built on the principles of technocratic slavery, abolition of national, historical and cultural values and turning the country into an economic appendage of the third countries.


Besides this national ethnic crisis, in the world have been deployed two more crisis levels. They are made with such crises:

Worldwide civilizational crisis is a natural result of the movement of humanity on the path of 'civilization of War' , based on law of force and struggle, consumptive use of the world's resources, killing of the certain people for the sake of the interests of others and of life on Earth;

Planetary evolutionary crisis – the legitimate moment of changing the direction of evolution from 'the descent of spirit into a matter' (as the process of creation of the World and Man) into ‘ascension of the Spirit, robed in a matter – the Person' (as a conscious process of improving himself and the surrounding World).


All of these crises are systemic.

They are caused by the objective reasons and testify to impossibility of the further existence of old systems on each of levels. System crises always come to the end with one – with replacement of the existing systems to a fundamentally new.

All these crises are connected among themselves.

We cannot get out of the national crisis, if we fail to protect ourselves from the influence of civilization crisis. Having found how to solve ethnic crisis of the Russian field and World crises, but not bring an essence of these decisions into compliance with the changed direction of a planetary evolution and with new conditions of a life on the Earth, and, anyway, – with Laws of Creation, neither Ukraine, nor any of the states of Russian field, mankind as a whole, will not be able to get out of their crises.

All of these crises affect every human being.

Man cannot dissociate itself from any of them. So each of us should realize an essence of what happens and to begin consciously to operate, to overcome all three crises. Therefore the beginning of overcoming of each of these crises consists in the man himself, in each specific person, in its consciousness.

All three of the crises have one source of the solution – the PERSON, who HAS REALIZED the responsibility for his actions.


Just the change in minds of every human being:

  • will form its new personal goals and will give the understanding of ways of their achievement;
  • will give a new direction and new sense to its practical actions;
  • will raise quality of its life and a life of its environment;
  • will change the direction of development and the organization of the way of life in society;
  • will form the new principles of relationships of the countries and people;
  • will determine a new look and a new direction of development of our civilization;
  • and finally, will give a new impulse to the development of the world.

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