The December 2012 – is one of the key points of the planetary, human and galactic evolution, after which the new energies, with new strength, quality and characteristics, will create on this planet new conditions of existence of a life in general.

The life on this globe of the world depends on how much the people will be able to adapt to these conditions. In the next 12 years, these new conditions will be included in everyday life and change it, will enter into an interaction with all, who live on the planet to establish bioenergetics connections for the next period of evolution.

Plants and animals will be less susceptible to these changes, although many species will disappear from the face of the planet, but more because it is impossible to save them from the results of human activity.

The man himself will be affected by all these changes more than all, because the major changes are occurring in energoinformational field of the planet, and a human brain responds to them first. From each certain person depends, whether each owner of the brain will survive or not.

Many warnings, revelations and signs were given to the people. At certain times, there were more, at some time – less, but over about 28 000 years the forces of the Creation were trying to reason the people to heed them. Those, who will understand this, will go through this ordeal, through the threshold, that separates the levels of evolution and self-consciousness.

The Judgment Day will come from 2025 – this period is known by the people today under this name. It will continue for a 1000 years, and during this time, all souls, these rational essences, these Consciousnesses, who are pass together with a planetary School of Unity of Mind, and they are the Mind of the planet, such as 60 billion – they would have to incarnate in a human bodies once more, to pass their examination for compliance with the terms of the new evolutionary period.

During one human life, they will take their exam and pass into the fifth dimension, if they will pass; or stay in this level of consciousness, to continue their education.

And after 1000 year the results will be summarized to finally find out, who of the students of this school was a worthy to move to the next grade and had confirmed their abilities, and who – not.  Earth will come to a key point in its evolution and will finish this planetary transition. A new stage of the evolutionary Path will begin…

So, the main task for us today is to ensure the passage of this Way of 1000-years correctly and in time, timely noticing the passage of the control points(defining points) , and launching the corrective mechanisms in cases, when a deviation from the defining points is significant.

Here we should pay attention to the quality of the entire system, to not allow its lowering. With this, the freedom of a choice of each person and of a humanity as a whole remains a defining vector along the way. However, we believe that the Summon has sounded, and we are only fulfilling our responsibilities for the implementation of the mechanisms, which were started by a sounded Summon.

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