• if we want to find the answer – it is necessary to understand, what is happening and why;
  • It is necessary to see a full picture of the events and processes;
  • It is provided by the integral collection of all types of knowledge of mankind;
  • Its volume should cover all Universe;
  • It is necessary to use a holistic worldview,
  • where the world is a unified multi-dimensional, living and developing system;
  • where is a Source of the Universe and Hierarchy of its levels and the worlds:
  • physical, etheric, astral, mental, etc.
  • where events of highest levels are the reasons for consequences on the lowest;
  • where consequences, besides the reasons, have also a predefiniteness.
  • our current problemsare problems of evolution of our civilization;
  • from the way of development, passed by us, all, what was created and destroyed
  • therefore they need to be considered from positions of the theory of development;
  • they can be understood, only having considered evolution of the whole World in its entirety.

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