Here we will repeat once again, because of the importance of this step:

The next level of the organization of a human civilization is the public consciousness. Without of changes in it, there is no place for the humanity in the next dimension and in the new space. Public consciousness of a civilization today is focused on the cult of force, fraud, enrichment and self-centeredness.  Everything in this world can be bought and sold. Morality and Rectitude, Honour and Dignity, Love and Fidelity are out of fashion.

However, if they will not become the priorities of a human existence in the world once again, the Way of the Mankind, as civilizations, will come to the end. There is no time left anymore to think about the possibility of transformation of your society into the Civilization of Education. Only an explosion, blaze through everything in one's path, a powerful, passionate, transformative and beneficial, scathing all of your previous priorities and determining others, new ones, will lead you to Cleansing and to a Creation. Only a drastic and radical change of your social consciousness, will confirm the compliance of the humanity to the current planetary transformation.

So, through the instant transformation of a public consciousness, all mankind can survive.


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