Hardly will you doubt that something occurs in the world, you surrounding; it changes, people around of you change, conditions of a life in general change. They are good, whether or not, - is unimportant... Simply they become others and other rules today adjust both human relations and attitudes of the person with a planet, and conditions in which we live.

 What are these rules, what are these new conditions of existence on a planet, as well as in what side our life changes and - the main thing - as correct and adequate can and should react the person to these changes? – This SOTHIS Portal – a Portal of planetary transition and individual transformation – is devoted to these questions.

At once I shall make a reservation that SOTHIS is the ancient-Egyptian name of a Sirius star. There is much knowledge and experience resulted here and initiated by this energy; so, it seemed to me symbolical to name this space by the name of this star.

Symbolism of this participation as well that the Sirius Star is a soul of our planet. And that occurs today on it and that we notice every day here, are parts of one process as a result of which the Earth should reunite with soul. Energy of Sirius comes to the Earth.

 It means that people should change, become others. It means as well that in our use is strong should enter an "energy" concept. So strongly that we need to be accustomed to considered all events from a position of initial energies their generated. Such attitude to a life refers as energetic physiology.

This attitude is so actual today that has generated a new science – an "Energetic physiology of Human"; it is a tool for unlocking of relationships of cause and effect and there are clear reasons of an event. And all processes of our life, from a birth to government of state and even a planet submit to this technique. This science is capable to explain and show laws on which there is a development as the person also a human society. It is a science about Laws of the Life and the Universe. Also how to live under these Laws.

 Here this question: "How to live under these Law", – is very important and actual today because if the world will not be reconstructed to live in a new fashion, it will not have future. Because everything to what we have got used is already echoes of the past which do not correspond to new conditions of existence of a life on the Earth. It means that new images, the methods, new styles of a life are necessary now for earthmen. The New Paradigm of a life – others ethical and moral standards on which the planetary community can continue the evolution, – is necessary.

 Energetic physiology of Human shows, in what these norms will consist; by what Laws of the universe they are defined, and as it should live observing these Laws. It is strategy of human development on the nearest 1000 years.

 On the one hand, it is a disclosing the Universal database and knowledge which have come to the Earth. On the other hand, it is a collective work of the incorporated community of earthmen which has shown that is ready to opening this new page of the history. This page will allow you to open the Book of Space Evolution, and you take the Way of the further development of a civilization with its help. Because the New Paradigm of mankind is opened today on the Earth; and this Portal is one of mechanisms of its disclosing.

 For this reason everything that you will find on this resource, is an expansion, disclosing of your Consciousness. Unimportantly as far as you are "in a theme", as far as terms, directions of separate articles and materials are familiar to you … another is important: as far as you are ready to that completely new foreshortening and the point of view have revealed in your head. As far as you are afraid to come off habitual stereotypes, which centuries fed us authority propertied with, protecting the position, the riches, the rest and the irrepressible thirst to order about you.

 World Alice for a long time has already glanced in the rabbit hole, and already for a long time started movement for it. So for a long time, that it has come a time purposefully and consistently to study all that she has found there, in this rabbit hole. Just this studying also gives you this portal.