Russian people and whole the Russian field, from the positions of macrocosm looks today, perhaps, as unique greater clot of inner Light. While other nations ― all severally, they do not have unity, and from the standpoint of planetary evolution, they are not interesting. Separate individuals in them represent value. But as separate and uniform people, only the Russian people represent value.

Russian field is a clot of consciousness, united consciousness, and namely this has a colossal value for evolution. A lot of people from this field, unfortunately, do not realize it, but they still shine, and their vibration can be seen from the positions of the Macrocosm. It is for this reason, in order to awaken a large number of still sleeping Russian people; the quantum script of transition is been accepted, not a spasmodic one as it has initially been planned for December, 21st, 2012. And these people will wake up, there will be more and more of them, because it is for their sake that the planetary transition was stretched in time, and this schedule is adjusted every day.

But which Path the Russian people will choose for their transition? They can go through the path of war, which is not excluded. They can go through appeals by the rebellion, through the local performances of the resistance to the current situation, but in any case, the accent of Forces of Creation goes to the Russia, on the Russian field, for the maximum preservation of this united consciousness. This egregore today is the planetary characteristic, regardless of, in what part of a planet there are Russians and with whom they are in contact, although, by and large, the person is born for its land.

There are two poles in your world. It is Russia and America. America is fragmented. It has a lot of places of power; this part of the Earth is unreal energetically very powerful. It does not outweigh Russia with their places of power, no, but it is also very powerful. But the entities (people) there are very disjointed and earthly.  There is no spiritual alloy, which is in the Russian field, and which is valuable in this transition and in the evolutionary furtherance in general. Therefore, the main efforts of the teams are applied now on the Russian field, and its condition will define the schedule of increase of the planetary vibrations and the refinements and modifications of this schedule.

This spiritual work on the Russian field is very necessary now. When the Forces of Light, from the macrocosm, direct all their efforts to awaken all who can, it is very important that from the Microcosm there was constantly a counter stream. Individual work of everyone on himself and enlightened people with groups of people is very important now. And for this purpose, for successful work, ― it is necessary to understand, what is occurred, what occurs now; it is necessary to comprehend the underlying basis of the Russian people. For what it is today.

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Russia is the country-culture, the country-civilization. It is the second pole of the existing world. Only the polarity does not follow the line of the West ― East, but on the opposition of the materialism to the spirituality. RUS, Russia will always be more spiritually than the West, and in this ― is its Mission. Not because it says so, or because it wanted to. Just because this world is arranged so, that there should be a second pole, and this pole should be spiritual. Otherwise, there will be the end of civilization as a whole.

As long as the world does not understand this, there will be no peace in the world. Till then the world will resist to his savior represented by the Russian people. And once again, not because Russia speaks about it, ― by the way, it does not speak about, because Russia itself still does not yet fully realized that it is its Mission. But it is the guiding star of this world, because initially, at the beginning of this cycle of evolution, this toss has fall out on Russia. And this cross, as world Savior Christ, it has to bear till the transformation of the World.

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