Or the Solution of the Apocalypse:

There will be no End of the World!

All of this is very simple, and I will try to explain and show this in two words. But first, you will need to understand what was meant by "the end of the world". If you expect a full and effective end of all that is, the end of life at all, then obviously it will be not correct. Because "there was never, that there was nothing".

But if to understand, that there comes the end of such a life, what we are have got used to see, it would be very close to what is happening in the world today. And to deny of what is happening around, it makes no sense. Well, tell me, who would deny today the facts of the climate change on the planet ... The facts of change of the relationships in nature ... The facts of change of the conditions of life in general. Therefore, even at first glance, there are some global changes around the world.

It was, so to speak, a subjective feeling of an individual, who is trying to adequately react to what is happening. Now, to ensure that the issue is serious, and we have no right to a mistake, we will look at the specific facts, fixed by a modern science. So, here are just a few data about the changes in the ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM:

  • Up to 410% growth in the number of a natural disasters in the world between 1963 and 1993 (Dmitriev, 1997).
  • Up to 400% – increase in the number of an earthquakes in the world (above 2.5 on the Richter scale) since 1973 (Mandeville, 1998).
  • Up to 500% – increased the volcanic activity between 1875 and 1993 (Mandeville, 2000).
  • From 856 to 1999, nine of the 21 largest earthquakes are occurred in the 20th century (Russian National Earthquake Information Center, 1999).
  • Up to 230% increase in the intensity of the magnetic field of the Sun since 1901 (Lockwood, 1998).
  • Up to the 300% increase in the solar activity, compared to what was predicted for the 1997 (NASA, 1998).
  • At 400% or more increase inthe speed, with which radiated solar particles can move through the energy of the interplanetary space (NASA, 1997-2001).
  • The recent shift of the poles on Uranus and Neptune. The zond "Voyager 2" reveals that their magnetic axes substantially (in one case by 40 degrees, in another case – 60°) shifted from the axes of the rotation (Dmitriev, 1997).
  • The strengthening of the visible brightness, detected on Saturn (Dmitriev, 1997).
  • Up to 200% increase in the intensity of the magnetic field of Jupiter from 1992 to 1997(Dmitriev, 1997).
  • Up to 200% increase in density of the atmosphere Mars, detected by satellite Mars Surveyor in 1997 (NASA, 1997).
  • Significant melting of the ice caps at the poles of Mars in just one year, clearly seen on the photos taken from the satellite (NASA, 2001).
  • Significant physical, chemical and optical changes on Venus, including a sharp reduction of sulfur-containing gases in the atmosphere and increased brightness (Dmitriev, 1997).

If you add to this many others global changes on our good old Earth, you'll see that the living conditions are changing at all. This is the End of the World - the end of the old world, in which we have lived so far. What does it mean?

In order to understand why we are waiting for the End of the World, we will take initially two positions as our working axioms. Just in case, I shall remind you (and myself too), that axioms are such provisions, which in the future shall never be a subject to the contesting and will not require a proof. The first provision reads as follows:

1 There is not a single wrong religion in the world. This refers to all religions, faiths, ALL religious movements, networks, schools of spiritual growth and spiritual paths, whatever their number was in the HISTORY of MANKIND. The fact is that we are all different.  And we have different perceptions of the same information. And when you consider, that for many thousands of years of history, people were at different levels of development, it becomes obvious, that in order to explain the basic Laws of the Creation (on which is created and developed our world) at different times and for different people were needed the different languages and methods. Over time, these different languages have found the form of religions.

The second rule:

2 Each of the existing religions in the world (systems, schools of spiritual growth and spiritual Ways) over time has lost its original clarity and sharpness, and today in EACH OF THEM, without exception, there are only separate fragments of the unified system of the Laws of the Creation. This is understandable, because the people have forgotten, what originally was said in the Doctrines – so the religions were born. But also then people have forgotten the roots of the religions and FAITH … so only the fragments were left.

But that's good! Because there are a lot of fragments, and It is necessary to be able to collect them. By bringing them together, you can get a complete picture of the world and those Laws on which it is constructed. This is what the system (and the Program, and School, and Space) SOTHIS does on Earth. And that's what's happened when the fragments of the Apocalypse are lined up in one line.

60 billion souls live along with the planet Earth – a uniform LIFE and a uniform organism. Only a part of them, can live on the surface of the planet, without a prejudice to each other, side by side. The rest are awaiting their time, when they will be able to re-born on the planet.

It has always been like this, but not today, because (you already saw this!) – today, the basic conditions of a life on our planet are changing.

New conditions – the new rules of life!!!

And so, today begins the exam for all 60 billion souls on the suitability to the new conditions – to a new world ...  Almost all spiritual and religious systems indicate that in 2012 will be the End of the World.  If you gather together their individual evidence, the script will continue to evolve this way.

In 2012 physical conditions of a life on our planet will finally and sharply change, they will be different in general, even different from today. In the next 12 years, these conditions will stabilize, life on Earth will adapt to them,

From the year of 2025, directly will begin the EXAMINATION – what in Christianity is called Judgment Day. During this time, all of the 60 billion souls should be born one more time on a planet to confirm their suitability for the further evolution. Have confirmed their conformity with the new conditions of life - have passed in the next round of the evolution.  Have not confirmed, – accordingly, have not passed.

By the way, those, who live on the planet right now – all of us, are already going through this examination, and for us will be no other attempts...

Then comes not even math, not even algebra – pure arithmetic. If you multiply the average length of human life today on the number of souls-Applicants, add to this 10% of the observers from other worlds, the presence of which is needed on the planet, and approximately 15% of those, who maintains the rules of the existence of life on the planet (that, roughly speaking, provides a "service" for this enormous body of "the Planet"), you will see, that exactly 1000 years is necessary for the entire planet to pass through this exam.

Also, if you remember that "God has a 1000 years as one day", then you will hit upon a Day of Judgment.

And further, in general, all is simple: when the examination will be ended, they, who had passed, shall go to the next, a 5-e measurement, which is called in the Christianity – the Kingdom of God – Christ's Kingdom. They will continue their and the planetary evolution on another globe of Earth, in the thinner dimensions, and this will be the end of the planetary transition, which started long time ago, is already underway, and thus as I have described it to you, occurs.

And this rude remaining globe will lodge on itself those, who have not passed the exam, and life forms with even lower level of development. And still not noticing anything, not believing, they will say once again, "Well, where is the promised end of the world"? They are even unaware, that the action has already happened...

This web site is devoted to help everyone, who wants to see their way to the Gates of the Planetary Transition and to transfer into the following, the fifth dimension; for those, who was prepared for this. Moreover, among school materials it is possible to find such, which were born during the transfer to the next dimension of the specific people – the special section of this resource "Ascension Path" is devoted to it.

Program SOTHIS adduces the theoretical and practical materials of the  Planetary Transition into the applied and digestible form, transforms the basic knowledge and projects into the condition of training programs and the curricula.

The foundation of this site was made with materials of a new science – Energetical Physiology of a Human, which demonstrates and explains which processes and how, occurs in a human bodies, from the point of view of interaction of the energies. Quite a different look here is to the relationship of a man and a woman  ("Mystery of the sexes"), "The Mystery of the Money", "The Mystery of the property", "The Mystery of the authority" – these and many other materials you will find on the pages of this site.

And, in any case, following them, you will significantly improve your readiness to pass your exam of life. And the fact, that I am and many other people, over the last more than a decade, successfully have overcome this Path, testifies a lot.

So, follow the main menu and the information from the pages of this site, and you will see the first intermediate finish – the place, where you can go to the next higher level of the quality, and where your path will continue. This place of your first transition will be the first test of your work on yourself.


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