The world is currently in the height of the global systemic crisis. Systemic crises always end with one – replacement of old inviable system with the new one. Consequently, a way out of the crisis is the conscious introduction into the life of a new system. And it must be done before the crisis of the old system will enter a phase of socio-economic disaster and the downfall of the state.

There is a choice of two systems of living arrangement for Russian field today:

1) Version of the existing European Union – regional regulatory (lawgiving, bureaucratic) empire of controlled democracy, multinational and multicultural, but in fact, which is going to the destruction of national cultural and evolutionary values. Its Member States are losing their statehood and sovereignty, and are becoming "the territories", incapable of self-development. For the purpose of a number of socio-economic benefits of the uniform unified system (lost as a result of crisis) their people are giving management of their lives to the professional supranational bureaucratic machine in Brussels. Whose interests it protects and what goals it will achieve in fact, no one knows. Most of the indigenous population of European countries today is dissatisfied with the EU due to the complete destruction of their traditional way of life and the centuries-old ethnic culture. As well as a significant increase in the cost of living after the transition to the euro, with a simultaneous decrease in the competitiveness of a small and medium-sized business-the main source of income for a large number of people, with a sharp decline in the level and quality of social services.  Only the immigrant workers, who leave their native country and are willing to work for half the price, are happy with it.  But they have to be strangers in a foreign country. Therefore, it is they, who are calling for the early establishment of a "common home". However, the House cannot be "common" – each person, the family needs their own house. Better yet – their own house in their homeland.       

2) Does not exist in fact, but which is actively been establishing practically, the New World Order – a global totalitarian rigid normative sample of the feudal empire, with the further shift to the mode of technocratic slave system. It will replace the system of traditional ethnic States with the uniform system of supranational entities with a three-tier social structure: of sovereigns, leaders and slaves of the System.  All people will be implanted with microchips (in E-Passports), thanks to which will be full control and management of their lives. This was written in a hundreds of books and tens films, but people do not want to believe them, brushing aside. People continue to hope that "all will be formed somehow", and "all still will resolve". But there is no need to believe – it is necessary to have the courage to look truth in the eye, to think and draw conclusions, and to acknowledge the truth!

Both systems are variations of one program for the establishment of the system of a global control and management of the population on a planet. So, the European Union is already a regional supranational entity of Western European countries and is seeking to expand its influence on the continent by the scheme: membership in the WTO, and then – in the EU, then - in NATO, etc. … in the world of the New World Order.

Therefore whole our Russian field moves ahead to the same result – to the status of the vassal of a cruel world empire, a raw material appendage, a cheap labour, a commodity market for foreign goods ... We will begin to live under the total electronic control. The hope of a decent future will be eliminated once and for all.   We shall continue headily to become poorer and to die out...

3) The third version is possible also – is to go our own way. Only so we can keep the national independence, statehood and personal freedom. Only so we shall receive an opportunity to live with one's own mind and by own strength to build a safe and happy life on the native ground. Our Native land – and Russia, and Ukraine, and Belarus, – today should, are simply obliged, to create own system of life and find his own place in the future world.

The basis for this purpose are our historical roots that go deep into the depth of millenniums, and amazing in its beauty and vitality, our national Aryan Russian culture.

The system crisis gives us the opportunity to choose our own future. We need to wake up; and realize why and what is going on in our countries, in the world; to unite around a common goal from the future; to determine the real path to it.

Today, the world knows a several types of the uniting of people.

  • Around the leader; a negative side effect is the cult of the personality.
  • Around the idea; negative side effect – religion.
  • Around improving the living environment; a negative side effect is the political party with the signs of the first two.
  • Around the common goal of the future; a negative side-effect is not installed.Such association in its pure form has not yet been in the world.

It is worth to move In this direction.  And all the rest has already been...


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