The development of the society without ideology, as well as any movement, is not possible without purpose and a map.

Namely, the Ideology:

  • formulates socially meaningful purpose and Path to achieve it;
  • defines the direction and methods of a development of the society;
  • generates the generally accepted type of thinking and behavior of a people;
  • determines the structure of a person's life, his way of thinking and the direction of his efforts;

In a word, tells "for the sake of what" and "in what direction" to act.

We need a workable effective ideology, and most importantly - the right one.

  • Ideology, which is based on knowledge about the person, society, life, the world, based on the Laws of Creation, on which this world was originally created;
  • It should have the fundamental theoretical bases;
  • It should be an integral part of a unified conceptual system " the worldview - the concept – the ideology – the program – the morality” (which is expressing objectively-historical demands of a society and accepted by its all members);
  • It should be able to define the development of the society for a prolonged period of time.

The theoretical basis of our new ideology is:

    • a holistic worldview, which gives a system picture of the world, in its entirety;
    • including the evolutionary teaching, which is explaining the essence of the changes, taking place in the world, as the manifestation of the single, effective, directional process of its development;
  • the worldview reveals the structure of the world and the essence of its being, place and the systemic role of a man in the Universe, the evolutionary essence of the past and the future of the mankind;

In a word, explains “what” is happening and why”.

    • an integral methodology that allows  to use the full set of different cognitive methods and forms of the knowledge (scientific, philosophical, religious, and others.)
  • the methodology defines the initial theoretical standpoint, tools and methods of the knowledge, the criteria of truth and form of the fixation of results; 

–  In a word, is learning "how to cognize" and to "accumulate" the results.

    • an method of the essence that allows to think meaningfully and to talk focused,  separating the idea from the text and to liberate the content (meaning) from the dictates of the form.
  • a method determines the basic tools, methods and actions of the process of learning;

– In a word, put into the practice ' the cognition' and 'fixate' the result.

    • a living morality, which is formulating the principles and rules of conduct that reflect the real laws of life of the World, and allows to live in harmony with them and with yourself
  • a morality defines the basic moral principles of life and rules of conduct;

– In a word, defines the "principles" and "boundaries" of the doings of people.

The new ideology is the basis of the System transition to the new socio-Economic formation, describing the essence and mechanism of socio-economic processes taking place now in the Russian field, and in the whole human civilization:

      • the concept gives  a common understanding of how to act to achieve the Objectives;

– In a word, it is a "theoretical instruction" for the actions of people.

The Program of construction of the council national state is the theoretical continuation of new ideology; it unlock the mechanism of creation of the social and economic system, capable to provide a well-being life on the native ground to each member:

      • the program gives the concrete list of steps for achievement of the Purpose;

– In a word, it is a "practical instruction" for the actions of people.

All, the above-mentioned theoretical systems, are useful,  if they can explain the worldview of the 'why', the ideology of the 'what', the concept of 'how to' , the program of “how  to DO what is NECESSARY” and morality that helps a person to be "the man".

Such a systemic theoretical approach had allowed, using the whole accumulated experience of mankind, to formulate a holistic integral Ideology.


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