• The term "man" defines it as one of the forms of living beings on Earth;
  • The man is a short-term element of the Universe.
  • Similarly to the World, the man is a unified multidimensional living system;
  • Similarly to the World, man is being constantly transformed;  
  • Human evolution is a component of terrestrial and celestial evolutions, and, in a generalized sense, unified evolution of the World;
  • The man is an integral product of the three evolutions: terrestrial, celestial and human.
  • The evolution of the Earth has formed a physical body for the man;
  • The celestial evolution has formed the Spirit, Soul and other fine-material bodies for the man;
  • Human evolution shapes the identity for the man;
  • Their combined three-fold effect on a human, forms his Individuality;
  • Development of human evolution is directed toward celestial and earthly evolutions;
  • The vital task of a man is the complete realization of his three-pronged nature in life;
  • The evolutionary task of a man – to develop its consciousness up to the Cosmic, up to the ecumenical level;
  • The human life receives an opportunity of continuation in the general integral Ascension!

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