• Namely, the specific people are compose humanity and build up a civilization,
  • Awareness can occur only in consciousness of the specific person;
  • Changes in the actions of only a specific person will cause the general changes;
  • Now, it is a particular person, which becomes an integral point of Realization of the evolutions of Heaven, Earth, Man (humanity) and of the whole World;
  • Namely, the specific person becomes a self conscious Subject of a terrestrial Life – its Creator, becomes a full-fledged earthly co-creator of the heavenly Creator;
  • The life of the World is possible now, only if the specific person will consciously regulate   and improve his life on Earth;
  • The evolution of the planet is possible now, only if the specific person will go through a conscious ordering and perfecting of his multi-dimensional nature;
  • The new evolutionary task of the specific person – is self-comprehension, acquisition of the integrity and complete self-realization in earthly life;
  • Each specific person should make his earthly life full and free;
  • Each specific person should spiritualize his earthly life  and start:
  •  forming in his consciousness a holistic view of the world and his place in it;
  •  consciously follow his triune evolutionary nature and destiny
  •  consciously regulate and improve oneself and his earthly life;
  •  to lead his terrestrial life in conformity with the universal laws of the World;
  •  to make it  life-asserting, balanced, harmonious, stable ...
  •  to unite a direction of evolution its individual life with integral ascending Evolution of the World.

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