Today we experience global system crisis. What expects us tomorrow? Humanitarian accident, crash of a civilization? – If we shall go habitual road further, that will be. The world will finish the self-destruction started by mankind with the logic end. Our end!

It is impossible to declare indefinitely, that we go by Progress and we build "the general light future", but in practice:

  • to make the right of force, general opposition, domination personal above the common and material above spiritual and instinctive desires above the realized aspirations... as Basis of a civilization;
  • to make: "money don't smell", "it is not the thief until not caught", "the winner don't judge", "it will be though a flood after us" … as Ethical standards;
  • to burn fires of inquisition, to kill millions people in religious, local and world wars, to destroy an environment and itself …

It is time to recognize obvious: the last some thousand years the mankind went at all there where people wanted to come. The purpose to create a fair harmonious society was not put at all in practice. The real purposes of those who had authority were absolutely others. For this reason the daily life of people became worse, but systems of their submission became better and better. Gradually everyone became slaves of the System. The system has swallowed up lives of people and has forced them to struggle for a survival. The Hell was created on the Earth. Therefore chaos is in consciousness of people, emptiness is in souls – ... and our civilization is in evolutionary impasse, and does not know an exit from that.

Our civilization has practically reached the real purpose of development: creation of a global control system for mankind. Planned introduction of "the New Global Order" becomes logic end of this way. The perfect system of submission is created. The gold billion will receive the «deserved» well-being. Other population of a planet will be reduced up to necessary amount of the slaves which ready to work for habitation and a meal. Creation of the Hell will be completed and it will suggest to us to live in it or … to die.

But other way of development of mankind is possible – to construct the Civilization of Peace with the common efforts and to create Paradise on the Earth.

For this purpose it is necessary to realized select the New vital creative Paradigm of development – the Paradigm of the Integrated Ascension.

All together we can create new type of a society, with overall objective – a well-being life of each concrete person; and a Main task of social and economic systems is creation of conditions for his full self-realization.

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